A Little Elbow Grease Goes A Long Way!

10 Weeks to Tip Top Shape

Week 3: Staircase Makeover

This week we're taking a look at an interior makeover that can be done for less that $200!  

I had a staircase at my previous home that I just wasn't happy with.  So with a little elbow grease, patience and time, I was able to give it a makeover that improved the front foyer.  

With 6 simple steps, the front foyer went from dated and drab, to stunning and chic.

Step 1:  Rip up the carpet....this is not that difficult but takes some muscle
Step 2:  Removal of all the staples.....this is so tedious... there are 100's of them....ugh!!
Step 3:  Filling holes in the stair treads, stringers and risers
Step 4:  Sanding and sanding and sanding......paying close attention to sanding the area that is going to be touched the most which is the top of the railing.  
Step 5:  Painting.......pick some good paint.  This is important.  If anyone wants to know what I used just send me a message at mishele@mishelemahoney.com
Step 6:  Admire the finished product.  What a difference it made in our entrance way and we did this just before our home went on the market!